Starting a listening revolution

As people make a stand around the world to make communities think about climate change, it shows that we are starting a listening revolution. We are starting to listen as individuals, schools, councils and communities to the concern about climate change in our countries.

Whilst some people are listening and taking action to make a difference to their local climate, which will have a knock on effect to those around them, others still aren’t listening.

Can we get people to listen?

listening is a catalyst for change join the listening revolutionI’m not sure we ever can get people to listen. They have to want to listen. Watching children you’ll see this really clearly – if they’re focused on playing with a toy they’re not listening. We feel it ourselves – if we’re engrossed in reading something, we can’t listen. However much you believe in multi-tasking, you can’t do two things properly at the same time. Even when you’re driving which becomes second nature, you can’t really listen to every nuance your passenger is saying as you’re focused on the road you’re driving along.

But what we can do is keep listening to ourselves, and taking our own actions which will have an impact on others. Surely action creates exposure to new ideas which will encourage others to take notice. Noticing will lead to listening. Eventually.

Listening is a catalyst for change

Tracey-Jane Hughes

If we all listened more to the

  • people around us
  • environmental changes we see and feel where we live and where we holiday
  • economic situation of our community, town, region and country
  • cultural differences of those living in and moving in to our communities

what changes would see? What ideas would we come up with? What action would we want to take?

What would we as individuals want to do if we really listened to the concerns our children have about how climate change impacts on their futures?

We’ve seen from the simple act of stopping the normal of every day and doing something different is making people listen (children striking from school). So what if we were able to create space every day to listen more?

Listening creates an open space for new ideas

Having just completed a listening session with a client, which we organised quickly as she had an issue she wanted to work through, she said this:

Listening creates an open space for new ideas that I don’t need to know or understand.

It’s true. What she worked out during our 30 minute call was that she had some options to get out of a work situation which made her unhappy. I didn’t offer any suggestions at all. She created them all by herself just from being listened to in a supportive way.

If we all had someone to listen to us in this way, how many new ideas would we create for ourselves for any number of situations we want to change in our lives or work? Fascinating isn’t it?

How can you start a listening revolution in your life?

Not everyone has someone to listen to them. Not everyone is skilled at listening. I know that. What can you do to help yourself to listen, and be listened to? Who do you know who could listen to you without interruption ? How can you ensure you’ve got someone to speak out loud with to get create space for those ideas which are currently floating around in your head?

Just like the climate change protesters, what can you do to create a listening revolution, and start making others listen to your ideas about what you want to change in your life?

If you’d like to book a listening session with me, or you feel being part of an Action Learning Set will be helpful, get in touch.



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