Business Cheerleading Club

Want a place to talk/learn business where you know you’ll be able to ask whatever you want and not be judged about what you do, or how you run and grow your business?

Do you want:

  • Monthly business coaching plus on-going support, without it costing more than your earning each month
  • Business training, and support, to do “those things” quicker, better, easier, so you can cross it off your list
  • Experts in business who are happy to share their knowledge with you, and want you to succeed in growing your business, your way
  • A place to go and talk business, with business owners who know exactly what it’s like to juggle / things not work out as you expect


Sustainable business growth takes time, but time is the ‘thing’ most business owners say they need more of. What if you had one place to go for business training, support and coaching, with resources from experts about how to do “this” and “that” in your business.



I need a support team to help me grow my business

I'd like to join the club