corporate listening is for organisations teams and individuals


Listening is my passion. I encourage others to use listening  in a formal way to support the growth and development of a business, a team, an organisation and/or an individual. Of course it’s important informally too in our every day lives but that’s taken for granted (even if we don’t do it very well!)

The act of listening, without interruption or interpretation, allows the speaker to hear their own thoughts more clearly, and the listener/s to hear the undisrupted thoughts of a team member.

The value of hearing what one is thinking can be life changing, and it can change the direction of a project or business.

As individuals we are all unique, with our own skills and talents and ways of processing ideas and solutions to the challenges we’re faced with everyday. In the busy world we live in and cultural and social norms we tend to adhere to, we don’t allow time to stop and listen to ourselves or those in our teams or work places.

What can professional listening help with?

  • Business and organisational growth
  • Business and enterprise development
  • More efficient ways of working
  • Finding solutions
  • Working better as a team
  • Cost savings
  • Improved well being
  • Improved mental health

How does professional listening work?

Our initial conversations will be mainly you talking and me listening, to see if listening more and differently could help your organisation achieve the goal you’re currently working towards. We’ll discuss what your challenges are, the team structure and what you’d like help with.

I’ll then develop a programme of group and or one to one sessions with team members, teams, and help each person to develop their listening skills. The process of listening better to others will help each person involved to listen better to themselves. This in turn allows individuals to feel more confident in contributing their ideas and skills to the team for the benefit of the project in hand.

For example . You may want to improve customer service in your organisation to external customers. The solution, for a team of 20 staff, may include:

  • whole team workshop for agreeing the main challenges customers currently face with the customer service currently offered & an ideal scenario they’d like to see in place
  • small groups of 5 taking part in 2 or 3 facilitated listening sessions over a 6 month period, where each person has time to talk and share their ideas, whilst others listen without interruption. The group will have time to explore any ideas which develop from any one individual
  • individual listening sessions where each person has time to talk and be listened to by a trained listener, allowing them to think through their challenges, and ideas without fear of judgement or criticism from a manager or work colleague. This time could be used for getting personal challenges off their chest if that’s foremost in their minds at the time
  • Working party developing ideas and checking with a customer group if certain solutions may work

Listening solutions will be designed for each organisation based on need, budget and the desired outcome. They can be one off individual listening sessions, or long term team development listening support and facilitation.

Businesses and organisations are made up of individuals. Each person offers their own unique set of skills and solutions, yet we often forget to listen to the talent that is available to us. By allowing the organisation to become a listening organisation, with no idea too silly, every person will feel valued as part of the team offering a valuable service or product.

“Tracey-Jane not only listens to what I’m saying, but she also hears the energetic subtext underneath my words. She kindly rephrases my statements in ways that allow me to see where I’m tripping my self up by making things too complicated in my head! We then narrow in on one or two actionable steps and I’m unstuck and moving forward again!” One to one client

If you’d like to discuss your organisations requirements, or chat about how corporate listening solutions could help your business, team or project grow, get in touch.