“I’ve always had many interests. So when I fell into starting my own business when my children were two and 3 months old, no-one was surprised.”

Serial entrepreneur Tracey-Jane grew bras4mums, a specialist maternity and nursing bra shop, to a six figure turnover in four years, with staff and premises, and plans for further growth. Personal and economic circumstances changed her life and the shape of the business in 2008. With a growing family needing different support and a taxi service from Mum, Tracey-Jane changed her focus to training other women to be bra fitters and helped them start a business through the Bra Lady network. Tracey-Jane continues to lead Bra Lady, and runs bra fitting training courses for retail shops, independent shops and self employed bra fitters. Education of women in breast health, bra health and general women’s health matters is a key focus for Tracey-Jane.

In more recent years, Tracey-Jane has developed the Business Cheerleading Club, offering business training, business support and business development, business coaching, encouragement and support.

“Tracey-Jane has created a group that is filled with people who are willing to cheer each other’s successes and shares tips and support when asked. It’s wonderful and rare to have a place to share not only challenges but also successes. (My personal history would state this sharing of successes as bragging – which was frowned upon.) The importance of this group cheerleading is that it allows us all to remember what we’ve done well, to pause, reflect, and acknowledge those things, instead of always focusing on the mountain of things still to be done. Gathering and creating a diverse group of business owners willing to be supportive of each other is another of Tracey-Jane’s skills.” Laura, club member.

One of Tracey-Jane’s passions is to promote better listening, and encourage schools, workplaces, councils and communities to provide a place where people can be listened to, especially if they don’t have someone else in their lives who is prepared to listen to them. Tracey-Jane has started the social enterprise Listen 2 Me. This organisation runs listening training courses, project development, project management and awareness courses to help individuals and organisations to listen better.

Mum of two talented teenage boys, and wife of supportive husband, Tracey-Jane always has a project or two on the go. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys gardening, walking and camping, but doesn’t do as much as she’d like to.

Tracey-Jane loves to share her stories with others through her blog and hear how her books, courses and programmes help others to grow in confidence.