Your life your work your way

It’s been a fascinating few months for me. I feel like I’ve been hiding away, working on a few projects, and now suddenly I’m at the end of the tunnel where I can see the wonderful view. Ever felt like that yourself?

Your life, your work, your way

This is one of my personal mantras. I share this idea with those I work with, as well as friends and family. I’ve your life your work your wayshared it for a while. But it’s only these last few months that I’ve really understood what this means to me.

I’ve been writing a book. I now know this will be my first book, but I didn’t know that when I started it. I started out wanting to share my business story, so that others could learn from the mistakes learning points I’ve made in my 15 years of running my own businesses.

What I’ve learnt through this process, with the support of an amazing [book] coach Dale Darley, is that writing a book can really help you process everything in a new way. It’s a different way of thinking. I thought I’d done all my thinking, sorting and processing over the past 2 years, and had got my business models clear. I thought I knew what I wanted to focus on and what my skills were.

Writing the book has fine tuned my life, my work in the right way for me.

I may well have been hiding writing these past couple of months, but I’ve also been thinking and going on my own explorations with my own businesses and life.

Writing Passion is not Enough – Explore your passion and grow your business or social enterprise has helped me explore my own passions, and work out more clearly what my personal visions are for sharing them with others. I had to stop what I was previously doing to create time and space for this exploration.

I may have let some people down by this. If it’s affected you, I apologise. I know I haven’t taken opportunities which were available to me. It wasn’t the right time, and it was right that I let them pass by.

New way of working and living

At the end of this tunnel I’ve walked through is a new way of living and working for me. I’m clearer what I want, and how I want to achieve it. I know I’m a better listener, coach, mother, wife, friend, sister, volunteer, business owner, author, speaker, woman because of the time I’ve spent working through each step of this process.

The book is being launched 17th May, and I’m very excited about it 🙂 I’ve worked hard, but not in the way that most people imagine. There’s been a lot of soul searching. Daily journaling to get clear. I’ve used my team of coaches who have been so supportive and encouraging through these past few months. My online cheerleaders in the many groups I’m involved in and acquaintances who I’ve never met, but have encouraged and inspired. And my own Business Cheerleading Club members have been amazing. Thank you.

I’m clearer now about how all my interests and passions fit together. I’m focused on supporting others. I’ve created a new 90 day programme to help enterprise owners turn passion into profit. I’ve started my social enterprise Listen2Me.

And all because I listened to myself. Allowed myself the time to explore what was right for me.

I’d love to help you find your way too. I’m in the process of updating the ways I can help you, to make it easy for you to find a slot in my diary (some technological changes are needed). I suggest you book an Explore call for starters, and let’s see what’s best for you right now.

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