Being selected for a County Team when you’re 10 years old

My son has been selected for the Lancashire SportsHall Under 11 team – we found out today. I’m so proud. He loves his sport, and he always gives his best.

I’ve just asked him to write down how he feels. This is copied from his own writing:

“I feel exstatic and really over the moon and really happy. It means the world to me. I am amazed because I am 10.”

Yes, he’s got another year in this age group, so he’s done exceptionally well. But, I think you can tell it means a lot to him as an individual.

I’m not sure he’ll ever be an Olympic athlete, but today, he’s chuffed to bits that his talent has been recognised outside his own sports club.

I hope that grin stays on his face forever!

Simple goals in life when achieved make you feel like this don’t they?