My 2011 Gallery

Do you take regular pictures of you and your family? Leslieanne shares her year with us in a photo blog.

On one hand, I can’t quite believe it’s almost Christmas again – on the other, looking at this photo-mosaic of our 2011, the arly shots feel like a lifetime ago!

It’s been a busy year, but a really good one.

My little man has gone from a one year old cherub to a two and a half year old mini-monster!  Two is definitely harder work than one – but it’s loads of fun too- everyday he learns something new and finds another way to make me smile. He’s such a happy little dude, and so funny, I wouldn’t change him for the world. We’ve had lots of fun at home together – baking, crafting, gardening and lots more – plus plenty of brilliant days out as a family too (I think our trip to London for in September for Postman Pat’s birthday party was Dylan’s highlight!)

We’re already looking forward to Christmas – last weekend we went to pet some of Santa’s reindeer, so festive feelings are certainly high!

2011 has been a lot of fun – I can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll get up to in 2012!

Freelance and Fancy Free? It’s not that easy….

Chelle McCann shares her year so far….her journey from working mum to freelancing around her family life. Chelle runs Social Media Mums a freelance social media and virtual assistant service where charges are tailored to parents running their own business. The service supports small business on a permanent or ad hoc basis without the pressure of a full time wage.

This year has been so my so called whirlwind year. After starting with a small idea and one lady willing to test my ideas out I am not about to jump properly into the world of self employment.

It’s a little bit scary but also very exciting at the same time. However I dont want you to think it is a really easy thing. I also want you to think about what you really really want and then encourage you to go for it.

This year I’ve gone from a small idea to making a full time salary from that idea. It’s meant that I’ve worked like a crazy woman for thsalary 12 months and not without some family neglect to get this business off the ground. It’s easy to think that you have found something completely flexible – for me Skype meetings have to be a set time, stats have to be done once a month. It’s been difficult working around a part time job and most importantly my family. In fact I’ll got so far to admit I am becoming that parent who says ‘just two minutes darling’.

So come 2012 I’ll be working on my business and be leaving my work place after 5 years. I’ll focus business work to be on the days when my husband is at work and my daughter is in nursery, I’ll set the nights for work and the non working night for hubby. He’s been more than patient with me this year and I now need to show him how important he is to me. I need to be less distracted around Fizz, I don’t want her to turn round and tell me just two minutes – she’s already sending her toy doll to the naughty corner and I really don’t want to be next.

2012 for me means bringing in a partner to the business. One I have worked with before and who is definitely the ying to my yang in all things brighton, social media and mummy. I already know this person grounds me especially in our joint passions. By having someone share this with me I am sure I will be better focussed on success.

Anyway I’ve rambled but then again that’s where I am at. It seems a good point for me to step back, look over my life and remember why I am doing all this in the first place.

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, working for yourself is challenging for yourself and your family. It’s not the workload (especially if you have found something you enjoy) but the time management, working out your own tax and national insurance, buying equipment and then finding you need more as your business grows.

But there is that huge sense of achievement when things all fall into place, when you catch up with the to do list and when a client gives you fantastic feedback. It’s one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. And I did it for me.

But I won’t forget that my family are the most important thing in the world. They are why I am here doing this, they are the ones supporting me. And I am extremely grateful for them.

Relaxing Holidays…..?

Sam Mackley from Mummy Looks Fab pops in to share her holiday experience. Sam is also a bralady for Bras4Mums on the sunny south coast.

Not so long ago my idea of the perfect relaxation holiday would have included some golden sand, some clear blue warm seas, a spa within spitting distance and the kind of restaurants that made you want to start planning your dinner just after you had eaten breakfast…..That was all it took, pre children, to guarantee I came back rested, refreshed and relaxed…..


Mums In Biz – And so the madness began…

Eve from Baba and Boo shares her madness around setting up and maintaining her business.


I struggle with using the word ‘organic’ – too Apprentice-like for me but that is how Baba+Boo has grown. I didn’t have a master-plan or a business plan at the beginning. It started out as me thinking of a way to earn a little bit of extra money for treats for the family, as money was quite tight. Whilst, I also wanted to try and make real nappies more mainstream, by placing them with other beautiful items in my little boutique.