Are you stretching yourself enough?

” I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. “Maya Angelou

stretching yourself will help your inner strength growThere’s been a lot of focus on being strong this International Women’s Day, but not much mention of how to become strong. On my run/walk this morning I was thinking about how our bodies become stronger when we do our stretches after exercise, and depending what activities you do, often before you train as well.

That got me thinking about being comfortable and stretching ourselves each day, each week and month. Whilst many of the business owners I work with talk about their goals, they are often simply about doing the everyday. What if we focused on the stretch goals, rather than just getting through the week in one piece? What if we spent our time planning what we’d love to be doing, rather than what we “should” be doing? Would it make a difference?


Yes it would!

Stretching yourself to learn and grow

Just like any one of us wanting our body to be stronger and stretching ourselves to increase our strength through exercise, the same can be done for the rest of our life, business and mission. As a sports coach or physiotherapist (or whoever supports you to get physically stronger), will give you different exercises to do, with different intensity. So you can challenge yourself with adding in a different way of doing something, a new “exercise”, or new “intensity” on a particular focus to train yourself to be stronger.

It’s not just about willpower. I think it’s about growing yourself. Just like in a wheel, if you’re strengthening one aspect it will have a knock on effect on the other parts of your life. It’s not just about balance, I believe this is about learning and growth.

I’ve just started listening to Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. She talks about every small thing which has made her who she is today. All those childhood experiences taught her to be who she is and to become the amazing woman she is. She inspires others to become themselves and work for the greater good. I’m only on chapter 2, but it’s fascinating having an insight into her world.

The word strong conjures up weight lifters, and people who’ve turned their lives around from circumstances many of us don’t recognise. That’s not always helpful is it? It’s too far removed from our daily life. So what if you thought about a little stretching this week? A stretch here and there to start to strengthen yourself and your business, in whichever way feels right for you this week.

Doing the same things week in week out may pay the bills, but is that what you really want to do for the next few years? Or are you looking to more than pay the bills in the future?

Grow your business in 90 days

Starting 1st April is my first 90 Day Grow your Business group programme.

  • Join weekly group calls for the group of up to 5 business owners or managers, you’ll be flexing and stretching every muscle of your business.
  • Spend time looking at your business through the eyes of other business owners and see the opportunities for quick wins and growth.
  • Focus on developing stretch goals, and taking action for you and your business with the support of your cheerleading team.

It requires your time and commitment each week to make the most of the training, support and coaching you’ll get on the programme.

If you’re ready to stretch yourself and Grow your Business, get more clients, earn more money, and enjoy your business more, then get in touch and let’s check this programme is for you. There’s only 5 places available. If you’re interested but the timing isn’t right just now, still get in touch and let’s see what steps you can put in place whilst you’re waiting for the next programme to start.

What do you do to stretch yourself? Leave a comment below so we can learn from you.


  1. I love setting stretching goals. Great post Tracey-Jane!

  2. Thanks Susan. I love stretching! Such a release, so maybe we should think of that in all parts of our day?

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