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Working in small groups

Working one to one with a coach or trainer is not always possible financially or a good use of your time. Working in small groups offers an excellent way of learning and support, facilitated by Tracey-Jane.

If you’re not sure what option may be best for you right now, get in touch and let’s work it out together.

Business Cheerleading Club
  • Monthly business coaching plus on-going support, without it costing more than your earning each month
  • Business training, and support, to do “those things” quicker, better, easier, so you can cross it off your list
  • Experts in business who are happy to share their knowledge with you, and want you to succeed in growing your business, your way
  • A place to go and talk business, with business owners who know exactly what it’s like to juggle / things not work out as you expect

From £37 per month

Action Learning Sets

Monthly Online Action Learning Set (max of 5 in a group) for one half day session per month.

Another word you may use is Mastermind group. Tracey-Jane will facilitate each group to use your skills to help each other learn, explore, get more ideas and options, commit action, and review progress. (Max 10 places)

From £97 per month

Working one to one

Working one to one with a coach or trainer who resonates with you can help you take the massive steps you’ve not found the courage to take by yourself.

You can use the time on whatever is right for you that day, even if you’ve planned something previously. It’s your time, to focus on your life and business.

Using combinations of 20 minute sessions, you can build the programme you want to help you focus on taking action.

One to one support

1 one hour 1-1 session with Tracey-Jane each month.

This can be used for coaching, mentoring or training. Whatever you need this month. VIP access to Tracey-Jane by email and a VIP group (7 places available)

From £147 per month (min 3 month commitment)

Find your Why

As an listener and coach, in life and business, it made perfect sense to offer a service to help you Find Your Why. It’s much easier to work with someone who doesn’t know you that well, who can pull out themes from the stories of your life, and work with you to Find Your Why, and then your How and Whats.

If you’d like to Find your why, as an individual, we’ll need a 3 hour time slot together, in the same room, (we can use an online room). You’ll have done some preparation before we meet, and we’ll have a follow up call after our time together.

From £497

Confident Business Owner

Being confident in the steps you’re taking for your business growth can feel easier when working with someone else.

As a small business owner, not everyone will understand what it’s like to grow and develop a business. Working with Tracey-Jane, an experienced business owner, you’ll keep on track through the next 6 months to grow your business your way.

Using a mixture of one to one coaching, training and development, group encouragement and support, and weekly check ins, you’ll find you’ll stay focused on your business.

From £1800, 4 places available at any time

I have been working with Tracey-Jane through her Business Cheerleading Club for several months. She is awesome! Her short group coaching sessions are always just what I need. Tracey-Jane not only listens to what I’m saying, but she also hears the energetic subtext underneath my words. She kindly rephrases my statements in ways that allow me to see where I’m tripping my self up by making things too complicated in my head! We then narrow in on one or two actionable steps and I’m unstuck and moving forward again!

Tracey-Jane has created a group that is filled with people who are willing to cheer each other’s successes and shares tips and support when asked. It’s wonderful and rare to have a place to share not only challenges but also successes. (My personal history would state this sharing of successes as bragging – which was frowned upon.) The importance of this group cheerleading is that it allows us all to remember what we’ve done well, to pause, reflect, and acknowledge those things, instead of always focusing on the mountain of things still to be done. Gathering and creating a diverse group of business owners willing to be supportive of each other is another of Tracey-Jane’s skills.

Possibly the most resonate support I’ve received from Tracey-Jane is something she says to me often (I need reminding, and she’s willing to do that gently!): “You’re building your own business and you get to build it in a way that supports you. There is no “right” formula that you need to find, there is just the formula that fits you.

Add to all this, a library of expert interviews with people who provide support to new business owners as well as some online training videos and you have a wonderful resource for keeping yourself on a sound business growth path. Tracey-Jane is an insightful and knowledgeable business coach who loves helping others grow their businesses! Laura Donnelly

Chief Easiness Officer, Dancing with Ease

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