Perseverance is taking small steps to achieve success

” Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.”Walter Elliot
perseverance and commitment to achieve successYou may still be in planning phase of the year, or exploring what your options are to achieve your goals. Or you may be like me, and the more I do the more I realise I need to do as everything is interlinked. Phew! It’s been a busy week, and there’s no let up in sight.Where ever you’re at right now, you’ll know that it’s your consistency which will bring you closer to the goals you’ve set yourself. The cycle of planning – action – learn – review is ever present in our lives. If we skip one part we won’t grow in our learning, or we’ll continue to do things which don’t work for us, or our business.

I’ll tell you about  my week. I think it may make you smile. I’m sharing because I’m learning all the time, and if I can help you learn too, then you’ll get to your destination quicker than I have!

Learning by taking small steps

I’ve been setting up new systems this week, and creating new resources for business owners. Yes, I know, so what? Everything I’ve done, or created has links with other parts of the business, so I’ve either had to update another website, or a link in an automated email, or a payment link or a blog post…..and I keep coming across things which need updating.

It’s not that the pace of change is particularly large, but my learning of new systems and tools has been huge this week. It’s also reminded me that I need to be very clear about what I’m aiming for (long term goal), to understand where each little piece of the jigsaw fits in. IF I don’t change this bit of X now, then it’ll have the effect of Y, either now, or in a few months time.

See what I mean? Some days it’s felt like I’m going around in circles. Where I’d allocated 5 minutes for a task, when I did that task, I found I needed to change X, Y and Z, so it turned into an hour long job! So, each “short race” I’ve been doing, is turning into a longer one which I hadn’t planned for. But, if I don’t complete the long race, I can’t move a step closer to my goal.

Phew! No wonder it’s been an exhausting week! So much thinking, and planning, and doing. And yes, going around in circles can be energy zapping too! But it’s been a lesson for me to keep clear notes about what links with what, so that next time I can change things more quickly.

Staying focused on your long term vision will help you with each “small race” you need to do. Being consistent, and sticking with a task or project until it’s complete may be hard going sometimes, but it’s worth it. Your business is putting in systems and structures to help it grow. Being clear about what’s right for you will mean you’re staying on track.

Have you been struggling to maintain your motivation during this current phase of your business growth? Let me know. Share and let’s work out some next steps.

I’m looking forward to this week’s monthly workshop. This month Alice Bromage from Empowering Success will be helping us with our motivation, which can wane when our energy gets low, or we can’t see results. You can join me here, if you’re not already a business club member:

What’s your challenge this week?  Leave a comment below.


  1. Totally with you on the “it’s all connected and intertwined” aspect of running a biz.

    I like the idea of keeping “connection” logs (spreadsheet?), to streamline this process going forward. Sort of like how simple my life would have been if I’d started my content inventory when I started writing!!

    Onward and upward with ease!

  2. I love your acceptance and assessing the right way to move forward Laura. Yes we could have done things better, but actually, we are where we are, and we can move forward. Learning all the time.

    And ease is really important in all parts of our life, so embracing that will help us accept, assess and do more 🙂

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