Being a performance parent helps us become performance people

“ As long as you keep going you’ll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That in itself is success ” Tamara Taylor

keep going you'll keep getting betterWe had a lovely weekend with our boys, doing their sporty stuff this weekend. Eldest was at his athletics camp with similar talented athletes from across Britain, being helped and supported to develop his talents for long term success.

Youngest was trying out for Triathlon: To become part of a group of young people who compete in the Super Series across Britain, for the most talented triathletes of their age.

It was fascinating. Both sports ran sessions for “performance parents”, helping us to help our children maintain balance between sport and academic success. Talking about “Long term athlete development”, and it’s not about winning now, but as teenagers, (in these 2 sports), they’re just at the start of opportunities for representing their country, which could continue for many years to come. If they choose to continue to have this as a goal.

Yes both sports approach things differently, but the core messages were the same – building your success starts now. It’s not going to happen overnight. In triathlon they have 4 key values – Focus, Patience, Purpose and Commitment. Their focus is on developing independent learners in the sport, through challenge and discovery. They talked about being fearless in competition, and learning through each opportunity you take in the sport.

Learning through play

There was also a focus on “Training as Play”, where you need to learn to love training. If you don’t love what you do regularly each week, then you’re not going to be successful in the sport. It’ll be too hard for you. The most successful athletes are those who just love what they do. They often don’t think of it as training, even if to us as parents and observers, a 4 hour bike ride over steep hills sounds impossible to achieve!

Within both sessions there was a real sense of exploration. Using this time, with others who want you to succeed, to explore your talents, ideas, and test things out. Make decisions which you can reflect on and learn from. Make decisions to explore further, to challenge yourself and see what you love, or are capable of. There’s no failure in trying. In fact, if you don’t try, you fail to improve.

My 15 year old, the would be triathlete, didn’t end up where he wanted to be, by 4 places out of 144 starters. Yes he was disappointed, but he tried his best. He had a brilliant weekend, and learnt lots. In fact, it’s spurred him on even more to set new goals for the summer season. He’s clear what he wants to achieve, exploring this new sport he’s loving. He’s just at the start of his discovery phase, and we’re delighted that he wants to learn more and improve and enjoy this sport. 

We may be biased, but we’ll get to go to some new places around the country with them both this year. We’ll all be exploring together, learning to love what we all do, and helping them to explore their talents and options for development, with our support.

What are you exploring next?

So as you start a new quarter of the year, what are you exploring and working towards? Who’s in your support team as you develop your ideas, bring something new to market, or reach out to new customers? Are you loving what you’re doing so it comes as natural to you as eating and drinking every day does? Do you feel safe to explore new options and opportunities as they come up?

The Business Cheerleading Club is a safe place to explore options, and be supported to grow and develop yourself and your ideas. This month we’ve got the brilliant Nick Haines leading the expert workshop on Procrastination, and there’s the usual 90 minute group coaching call. There’s space for you to explore with us, learning to take ownership of your business and the decisions you make, so you can grow your business.

What are you excited about this next quarter? I’d love to hear your plans. Leave a comment below.

I’ve been editing my book, “Passion is not enough“, which is due out later this month. That’s my excitement 🙂

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