Passion is not enough

Explore your passion and grow your business or social enterprise

Really easy to read. This straight forward logical guide is free from jargon and will help anyone thinking about starting or growing a business or social enterprise.

Jane Fox

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Create a road map for you next steps


Passion is not enough – Explore your passion and grow your business or social enterprise

This book shares the steps I use with clients to help them grow their business or social enterprise. The book helps you to:

  • Create a vision for a sustainable enterprise from your passion
  • Make informed decisions about whether turning your passion into enterprise is the right thing for you right now
  • Understand how to maintain harmony across your family and life commitments alongside growing your passion
  • Analyse whether or not your passion can earn you money
  • Keep your passion alive as you develop it into your daily life

The book shares the holistic approach I use with clients to explore your passions, ideas, and life goals.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a clear vision for where you want to take your passion, and you’ll be ready to take the next steps. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing for you, having looked at your passion and all the ideas you’ve had about developing it into something new.

Practical steps, checklists and actions for you to take to get your passion identified and your vision clear. There’s a separate pdf workbook to accompany the book, just message me with your Amazon receipt.

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I’m very impressed with the content. It’s a lovely book that has helped me a lot. I read it, not as someone who is passionate about business, but as someone who is goal focused about a specific passion, I’m an assistant principal with a desire to create a top quality school with a national reputation. Teamwork, persistence and work-life balance is always a concern for my staff. This book has helped me to consider how goals can be managed and achieved.
I am going to share this book with my colleagues and encourage them to harness our collective passion. Charlotte Harding

Assistant Principal, The Khalsa Academy


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This book is down to earth and easy to follow. It’s given me a good grounding place to grow from. I like the step by step checklists and actions to take. Thank you.

Karen Peddie

Karen Peddie Holistics

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