Move things to make things happen

” Nothing happens unless something is moved ” Albert Einstein

keep moving to keep things happening

“Nothing happens unless something is moved” Einstein

If you’ve recently had a break from work, or a change in your life or business, you’ll know this quote to be true. I’ve enjoyed a few days off, with no technology and spending time doing different things. Some people may find my desire to declutter the garage a strange thing to do on my ‘holiday’, but it’s been brilliant for me.

I talked recently about being stuck, and that theme continued with different conversations with family and friends during the week. Our garage is a whole different ball game. Not only was it stuck, but it was causing a jam for the rest of the house!

It was a bit like those puzzles you get where you have only one free space to move things into to then move another piece. And you have to move all the pieces around to get the picture to look right on the puzzle.

The family have known for a while that we’ve needed to do something about it, and last week was the first opportunity we’d had to spend a good amount of time on moving things. It doesn’t do itself, does it. It needs our time and energy to put into it to make things happen.

For us it’s been great to have that dedicated time to move things, and do some de-cluttering. We’re not finished, but we’ve made a great start. And it feels so much better. Not only have we found things we thought were lost, but it’s been an opportunity to re-connect with friends we’ve not spoken to in a while and reminisce. We shouldn’t need an excuse to reach out to someone we enjoy spending time with, but we often feel like we do.

Not only have we moved things, and we’re able to create new spaces for new things in our garage, and our lives, but we’ve also had fun doing it. It’s a weight off our minds now we have more than one free space in the garage to move about in. And the de-cluttering part of throwing things away we no longer need has been liberating.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, or not sure what your next step is as we move into the third month of the year, simply move something. As I explained to the Action Learning Set this morning, it doesn’t need to be anything big, or special. It’s simply just doing it that’s the important next step.

If you’d like help with taking your next step, or are unsure what that is for you, book a 20 minute free explore call, and let’s work it out together.

“Building a business can be lonely, isolating and frustrating. Being in a group where you cheer others and receive their support changes everything.” Laura, Dancing with Ease.

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