“Help! I need a break”

I’m not the only one shouting this at the moment.  Some schools are already closed for the summer. Ours break up on Friday.

Are you exhausted?

My 2 boys are exhausted from their learning and full out of school timetable of activities. No. 2 even went to school crying on Monday because he was so tired, (not helped by 2 late nights admittedly, but it is the end of term, and us parents were selfish in wanting to relax with friends). You can see it on the football pitch that all these 6yo are just plain tired. They can’t run around any more. Their bodies need a break.

I’m exhausted with running the family logistics. Even having one of those family calendars where we all have a different column doesn’t help the actual “who needs to be where with what equipment, and who’s able to take and collect?” questions. Having to think a few days in advance about washing clothes that are needed for such and such, or doing the shopping because “I can’t do it then”, uses brain power.

I’m tired, but have to say exhilerated, from running my business. bras4mums agents are being talked to, slotted into training sessions, and the office is getting more organised to enable us to support them and the online sales more efficiently. I’ve been working on the foundations of the website structure; creating new websites to support the agents; blogging for business and pleasure; planning new lines for bras4mums and bras4all. Wow! No wonder I’m tired!

I’m also tired of the family stuff. My brother has had a tough 6 months, and I guess I still have concerns for my Dad, even though he is very happy with his girlfriend, a year on from Mum’s death.

My husband’s family have also had a tough time. His Dad is having health worries, and his Mum being a worrier anyway is worrying even more!

So, we’re SO READY for our 2 week break! It’s a long time since we’ve had 2 weeks off together. We’re going abroad to an apartment in a quiet part of Germany. We’re taking clothes, bikes, store cupboard items and a football. What else could we possibly need? I don’t remember a time that we’ve all needed a break like this.

Maybe the boys are just older and because they’re doing more, get more tired throughout the year? Maybe it’s a combination of all of the above? Whatever it is, we’re going away. I’m not saying we’re going to be totally uncontactable, or in touch with people who we need to support. But the service will be greatly reduced, (don’t worry bra customers – the office is manned by a trained & experienced bra fitter who can help you with your queries).

But, to reap the rewards, this week is mad busy! We’re getting more tired tidying and cleaning the house, catching up on ironing and packing the suitcase, finishing off work lists and visiting and talking to people before we go away.

I have learnt from previous experience – if you need a break, take it. You’re not doing yourself, your family, friends and/or business any good if you’re not functioning properly. So, get some time set aside…..to do NOTHING!


  1. I’ve just come across this post from John Leach http://networkedblogs.com/5Tq1v Supports what I’ve said above! (I think!). Thanks John.

  2. do enjoy the quiet corner of Germany, you certainly deserve it. Will be fantastic for your family to just stop and be together. Must try and plan some stop time for me!

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