Happiness comes from your own actions

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
Dalai Lama

happiness from actionsI enjoy the whole preparing for Christmas, thinking about, and buying gifts. Finding new recipes and creating menus and food. Welcoming people into our home and our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving gifts, but I think this year I got so much happiness from sharing with others that that was my perfect Christmas gift. Sharing love and joy with family and friends..

What’s made you happy this week? Was it something ready made, or did it come from your own actions?

As you prepare to welcome the new year in, what are you wanting to achieve? Are you looking at creating more happiness in your life, or with your family? Does that happiness revolve around your business, or are you planning on making some changes in other parts of your life?

Whether you’re looking to eat more healthily, or do more exercise, or spend more time with your family and friends in the new year, you’ll only achieve this if you take the actions to make them happen. I encourage you to set the intentions for the year ahead, and then look at the small changes you can make to take the actions you need.

If you want to eat more healthily but have so much unhealthy food left in the fridge, what can you do with it so you can start the year as you mean to go on? Sometimes it’s worth just giving things away, or throwing them out so we can make a clean start and just look forward.

The same in your business. Those business owners who’ve spent the past 5 days focusing on their business for 20-30 minutes a day, in the Get off the blocks free challenge have found the time illuminating. The words “excited”, “this is going to be good”, and “I’m feeling ready” have already been shared. They’re looking forward and are taking small steps to grow their business in the year ahead. Are you ready to grow your business too?

Your business won’t grow itself. There’s no magic beans you can plant to grow it, like Jack’s Beanstalk in the fairy tale. I know it takes time. I know it’s not always easy, or fun. But what will happen if you don’t grow your business this year? Maybe this is the time for you to consider all your options for growing your income, and it’s not just about your business. That’s OK. Making decisions which are right for you and your family aren’t ever a bad thing. There’s no failure in trying things and realising you don’t like them. Not everything makes you happy. But there’s lots of things that do.

If I can encourage you to be inspired to take action this year, I know you’ll be happier. Your happiness will spread to your family and friends, workers and team members. You need to know where you’re wanting to go before you can make your plans, but I know it’s worth the time and effort you’ll put in. I heard this week that some research showed that successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. I know that when I make decisions quickly I can get to the actions quicker, and start learning what I need to do next. What about you?

As you welcome in the new year, and set your intentions for the year ahead, think about the joy and happiness you want to share with others, and have in your life. If happiness is at the heart of all you do, I know you’ll have fantastic year.

If you’re ready to gett off the starting blocks for the year ahead, join the 5 day challenge, which is available now for you to start when you’re ready. Spend 20-30 minutes a day focusing on your business, or your mission, or simply yourself and start the year with confidence.

Join the free 5 day business challenge to get off the blocks

” I’m 3 days in and already have more focus than I’ve had in a long while. Thinking much more about what I want from my business ventures and how to balance it with family and free time. It’s really good to be guided and supported, and Tracey-Jane seems to have a limitless supply of encouragement ” Lora, previous 5 day challenge participant

Whatever you’ve got going on this week, and however you find reflecting and planning works for you, I wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.

Leave a comment to let me know what’s making you happy at the moment.

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