Get used to change

We live in a world where change is inherent in our existence. Yet most of us are uncomfortable with change.

In our world we have four seasons which naturally flow into one another. Night follows day. After the rainy season we get the warmth to germinate the seeds and ripen the fruits. For women, a natural cycle every 28 days as part of the ever changing cycle of birth, life and death.

So why do we crave stability so much? It’s interesting isn’t it?

We know our children will grow up and leave home to live their own lives. We know we will die one day. We know if we plant a seed it will more than likely grow into a plant that will bear fruit or flower, then rest or die before it flowers again.

Are we all out of alignment?

I’m currently undergoing some chiropractic treatment as my body felt out of alignment. No recent pain, but an underlying “there’s something not right” that caused me to make the appointment. I don’t know who was more surprised the chiropractor or me with the adjustments he did and the effect it had on me.

Just like a ship sailing 1 degree off course that will get further and further away from intended destination, I felt that everything I was doing to help myself feel in balance, wasn’t making any difference to that feeling of “something’s not right”. I’ve spent so many years thinking there’s something missing, or I’m not doing things “right”, when all the time it seems that my skeletal structure was scrunched up and my body brain balance has been off course.

Putting good on top of bad

When you’ve eaten things which aren’t great for you, do you feel smug when you’ve had something that’s really healthy? Like a week of takeaways and suddenly you decide to have a salad. Does the smugness last? I’ve never had that feeling last very long. So I continue to eat “well” but maybe not “great”, and continue to “do what I can” to look after my body, but that’s not changing the underlying fact that I’m undoing all my good stuff with the few bad things I choose to eat.

Yes I know it’s my choice. But what if I chose to eat in a way that was good for the structure of my body and helped it function well all the time? Would I feel smug or would I simply feel energy and health and be able to do all the things I want to do?

I’m not there yet, so I can’t tell you my answer! Maybe you know already?

In business, if you paper over the cracks what will happen eventually? If you’re in a relationship that isn’t comfortable any more, what’s that telling you?

Each of us tries so hard to keep things the same, even when it’s not that comfortable, as we’re afraid of moving into the unknown. We’re usually afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone.

We try and add things into our lives because we think that will work to create change, yet we’re often just putting a sticking plaster on something that needs to change in a much bigger way.

Knowing your inner compass

When you’ve discovered that you do have an inner compass that you can listen to when you make choices and decisions, you will automatically feel more in alignment. You’ll often feel ready for change, or just have that inner knowing that things have to change, even if you don’t know what that is right now.

You may have friends who keep talking about taking up a hobby they’ve wanted to do all their life, but still haven’t got around to getting their starter kit. That’s someone out of alignment. You may be in a job that doesn’t inspire you, but it pays the bills so you keep doing it. It probably feels that you’re out of alignment.

“You’ve gone all woo-woo on me” I can hear you shouting at the screen. I know! Tracey-Jane, the planned, organised go getter. Ha! My language may not feel comfortable, but you’re still reading, so something is resonating here for you. And that’s just the point I’m trying to make:

You KNOW there’s something not quite right, and you KNOW that you need to change something, but you don’t know what so it’s easier to stay doing what you’re doing.

Since I started my self discovery process a few years ago, which only started as I felt exactly like this – knew that something needed to change, but didn’t know what – I’ve tried and done many things. The thing that’s made the most difference to me though was finding my “Why”. The reason I do what I do. The thing that makes me fill up with joy just by thinking about it usually.

I’d done quite a lot of searching before I worked through Simon Sinek’s Start with Why book. This was enourmously helpful to me. It was like a lightbulb moment! I learnt that what is at the heart of everything I do is listening – listening to others to help them listen to themselves.

At the time I’d been restructuring my businesses and working out what I wanted to “do” with them. I’ve always been a do-er. A getting things done girl. An organiser, a fixer. Someone who’ll pick a project up and run with it. But this felt different. I learnt that I didn’t have to have a business in listening to feel more in sync with myself, I simply needed to listen more! 😉

By understanding that I am who I am in all roles in life, I felt such relief. In some ways it’s embarrassing to share that it was a realisation I’d never had until the age of 40! 😉 Just like you don’t need to be a professional musician if you love playing the violin, you can do things because you love them. Because they’re a part of you.

Just like I love baking and gardening and creating meals and nurturing others as well as myself, when I recognised that listening was at the heart of everything I do it shifted my perspective. I’d started to uncover my inner compass.

It was only when Deborah took me through the course we created together which we call, “Discover your Joy of Being“, that the final piece of the jigsaw fell into place. I learnt to listen to my intuition – think of this as In-tuition – your inner guidance system. Each step showed me a different aspect of myself. Often things I’d kept hidden for years, which looking back now makes sense that I’ve been “off balance”. When you hide things away what happens to them? They often get stuck, or cause a blockage somewhere.

Get used to change

Just like we eat and excrete every day, which we don’t think twice about, we need to get more used to change. If something doesn’t feel right, you need to change something so you do.

If your body is seizing up you’ll stretch. That’s change. If you’re feeling thirsty, you’ll drink. That’s change.

Becoming more open and used to change will help you become more in flow in your own life as the stuckness gets flushed out. It’s unlikely to be easy, but when you think about it, our bodies are designed to change as we age. The earth and seasons change and flow. Maybe if we get more in sync with our inner tuition, we won’t push against change as much as we’ve been used to in the past.

If you’d like to learn more about listening to your intuition, register for our foundation course which starts soon:

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