For me or for someone else?

Making choices what is your end result

What would you spend a gift of £20 on? This was my dilemma yesterday on day 2 of the Money Game. This game is imaginary, but still, you have to imagine what you’d spend that £20 on TODAY. You can’t save it, or put it towards something else. You have to imagine to spend it.

I had no idea it would be so hard to choose on day 2 of this 30 day game! Would I spend it on me. Treat myself as this money was a gift. Would I treat the house or someone else?

On day 1 I was really clear that my imaginary £10 (the money doubles every day), was a gift for me to treat myself. So why was day 2 so hard? And yes, I’m wondering how challenging the next 28 days are going to be if I’m finding it difficult to choose on day 2! Or does it get easier the more money you have? I wonder.

When I shared my thoughts with the others playing the game with the No More Boxes Movement, founder Nick Haines reminded me that I’m a natural nurturer. My instinct is to support others before I support myself, so he wasn’t surprised that I was having this dilemma.

I eventually decided to buy a lovely big candle which sort of touches both things I wanted to achieve – treat myself, but also have something for the house and others to share. I will probably get the most enjoyment from this beautiful lightly scented candle, but my family will also benefit.

What I’m wondering is, do I perceive smaller amounts of money to have more impact on my daily life and those of the people I live with? When I’m making business decisions with much larger amounts of money I’ve always found that easy.

Ahh, as I write I’m thinking – “I was clear about the end result for my business”. Am I always clear about what I’m spending £10 or £20 on? Those sums of money are usually assigned to food and petrol. Or an entry fee for one son’s sporting event. But every £10 or £20 spent adds up to quite a bit doesn’t it? So, extrapolating that a bit – I’m clear about feeding my family. I know I need to put petrol in the car so we can visit mother in law or meet a friend for a walk.

So as I struggled yesterday, I was struggling because I wasn’t clear about the end result I wanted to create/impact with the money I had to spend.


So, I go back to my earlier question – what would YOU spend £20 on if I gave that to you today as a gift to do what you wanted with?

You can still join the Money Game if you’d like to explore what happens when you’re gifted imaginary money every day:

The Money Box Game is designed to release you from negative associations and beliefs around wealth and money. How much we should or shouldn’t have.

Day 1 –

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