Mums In Biz: Plan? What plan?

Marjorie Burnside, a lady in her 50s, shares with us her new business venture, and how she decided to Go for It! It’s often life changing experiences that make us think about our jobs and lives, and Marjorie is no exception.

I’m Marjorie and  recently started as the East Lancashire Bralady. I have two daughters in their twenties and this is my story.


BOOBS!! – Now I’ve got your attention…..

Emma Booth

Emma Booth

This week’s guest post is from a lady I’ve seen twice at the Women’s Business Network Group Lancashire (WBNL). I was asked to do a talk last Monday about bra fitting, and here’s Emma’s post about what went on.

When you think you know everything about being a woman, there are still some things you don’t get right. I’m not talking about the next fad diet or how to control those horrible things called hormones but this week I learnt just how important one of our everyday items of clothing is!

My surname is Booth so I’ve been called ‘Emma Boobies’ since the age of 13 and have been wearing an average-sized bra for years. However, that didn’t mean it was right for me, in fact specialist bra-fitter T-J Hughes, from bras4mums & bras4all, showed me just how wrong my size was!!

The WBNL monthly meeting which took place at Haighton Manor, Preston, was led by T-J who gave a group of businesswomen of a variety of ages and sizes a wealth of information about, yep you’ve guessed it… the importance of the right bra size! (more…)

I’m so excited!

Not about the election, although it is the first time ever I haven’t known how to vote. Had thought about doing a post on “Do you vote for a good trustworthy MP, or do you vote for the party politics you agree with most?”. Which I may do, although I think my Friday guest blogger is going to blow us away with her thoughts on party politics.

No, I’m excited that the first bra fitting agent for bras4mums is now trained and ready to go.

Tracy with T-J during her bra fitting training

This seemed a dream just a few weeks ago, but now I’ve done it! I’ve trained someone else. Passed on my knowledge so that she can share her new knowledge with women in her area and get them wearing comfy, suitable bras during pregnancy and when breastfeeding, whatever their shape or size.

When I first started bras4mums my ambition was to have bra fitters across the UK to be able to offer a home fitting service to pregnant women and new mums. Why? Well, the business started when I had a toddler and a new born baby, and I really couldn’t figure out how to go to a shop to get a bra fitting with a toddler and a pram. I was also horrified with the bra fitting advice and information that I was given during my pregnancies – virtually nothing, and some of it totally wrong. (more…)

Change of plan, (but all part of the vision)

Just when I thought I knew what I was doing, something has knocked me off my simple straight road and sent me off on a new track. Am I ready for it? No idea, but I’m going to give it my best shot and see what happens

Can you see all the paths on your journey yet?

“If you have a clear picture in your mind of what it will be like when you’ve won the fight, you won’t feel the pain”, Mohammed Ali

After all the customer feedback and juggling I’ve been doing, I thought I was moving down one track with the bras4mums business. Slow and steady. (more…)

Customer feedback

I really enjoyed my weekend at the London Baby Show this weekend with bras4mums. It was great to meet new and returning customers on the stand, and offer a free bra fitting service to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Overall, I probably did about 200 bra fittings over the weekend, which is quite amazing really. Everyone is a different shape and needs different shape bras for support. Plus we all have different tastes and budgets.

It was also good to hear people’s feedback on our range and service so that we can grow and develop our range to suit women of all bra sizes. bras4mums currently offer the widest range of maternity and nursing bra styles and sizes in the UK, but as we were told at the weekend, there is still room for improvement!

We’ve recently asked for feedback through a short survey, which is making  interesting reading! I’m asking more people to complete the survey so that we can ensure that women who are both existing customers, and also those who have never used our online bra fitting service can let us know what we can do better for them.

I’m also getting a lot of helpful feedback through our facebook fan page, and via conversations on twitter. I take account of everything that’s said, even if I can’t change things straight away. Please do join in the conversations.

Tomorrow I’m heading to MODA, a trade fair for lingerie and fashion. I have a long list of styles and shapes that I’m looking for for existing customers. Some are for ladies who’ve had a mastectomy or lumpectomy, others are for smaller backed, and /or bigger busted ladies, some pregnant or breastfeeding, others who use our bras4all range. I’m hoping to find a lot of what I need. Otherwise I’ll have to rethink.

Feedback in a business and personally is so important. But, we must use what we learn. Not just tuck it away, or tick the box that we had on our list. Feedback from customers helps to inform the direction of the business, and develop excellent customer service to potentially loyal customers.

I’m in business to help women. But, I need to know what they’re struggling with bra wise to be able to help them more. Please let me know your feedback about bras, bra fitting, styles, sizes so that I can help you and others like you in the future.

Bra fitters are crucial to women’s health

I’ve just returned from training 7 bra fitters in the wider issues of bra fitting for maternity and nursing bras, using the RCM accredited Bra Fitting Awareness Course. During my long drive home it’s really struck me that, even though all these women have been bra fitters in the shops they work in, they still had very little understanding of how important bra fitting is to women’s health and well being, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The exact point made by last week’s Which report I talked about previously. (more…)