Business Support

I’ve struggled to get the right type of support during my business journey. I’ve learnt a lot about the power of support from a network, and this has helped me develop my business and the way I think dramatically.

The main problem I’ve found is that although there are lots of coaches, business advisors and friends who are well meaning, but they haven’t actually run their own business at the same time as running a home, and bringing up children. A lot of them have never set up their own website from scratch. They haven’t had to juggle business and personal finance. So, I didn’t always feel I was getting the best out of them.

So, after completing the LEAD business growth course and working alongside experienced business owners from a variety of sectors, I felt the need to develop this support for others.

You can set up your own personal support network, but sometimes you just need to bounce ideas off someone & that’s where business coaching comes in.

As a Mum, business owner, and now the supporter of other women in business through the franchise Bra Lady network, I coach & support women in business everyday.

If you’re looking for a little bit of support to get something done, then maybe a half hour chat, meeting, or online tutorial will help you achieve that goal?

£25 for 30 minutes, £40 for an hour of my time to help you achieve your goals. Give me a shout! We can talk websites, life goals, little steps, big dreams. A short amount of focused time can help you achieve those big dreams!

You can also join the training sessions I run on a monthly basis. From how to use Facebook to link with customers locally, to business planning. Each session is an hour long and interactive. They are recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can still benefit from other business’s experiences.

To book onto training, please go to Tracey-Jane Hughes Business Support

Contact me direct – to book your slot.

Recorded hour long webinars available for £10 each:

  • Time Management for small businesses,
  • Reviewing & revising your business plan,
  • Planning for 2012 (relevant for any stage of business planning),
  • PR & Marketing – basic introduction & strategy planning,
  • Facebook – how to set it up and use it for business,
  • Blogs, twitter & facebook – linking them together,
  • PR – using your local media