The excitement of winning is the key to success

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”
Robert Kiyosaki

excitement of winning is key to successAs we come into the middle of the month, with the big C only 2 weeks away, it’s important to stay focused on what’s important. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle around you, which distracts you from what’s important to you. It’s not only this time of year that we can be easily distracted. Those of us with children at home, or who live with other people can be drawn into things which are taking us away from our goals.With 3 weeks left of the current year, you may still be working towards achieving goals, both personally and in your business. One of my Business Cheerleading Club members is working hard to achieve her goal of running 1000 miles this year. She had an injury earlier in the year, and is so close to it I believe she’ll do it. She’s focused on the excitement of winning.

What are you excited about winning?

What are you excited about winning this week, or this month? If nothing springs to mind straight away can I suggest you stop whizzing around and work out what’s important to you? That stopping and listening to yourself will set your mind at ease and you’ll realise that you can still win in many parts of your life in the next few weeks, as well as be part of the busy festive season.

It’s easy to think that “after Christmas”, or “in the New Year” mindset will help us achieve our long term goals. I’ve had this conversation with some of the clients I’ve been working with recently. I asked them, “so you’re putting your business on hold for the next month whilst you “deal” with Christmas?” They weren’t happy with me to start with, but then got the clarity that it is there choice if they want to do that. It’s not for me to say if it’s right for you to leave your business thinking until 28th December, or whenever you’re back at work as there’s so much else going on.

What they worked out, was that they could choose how to divide their time. It’s the same time as you get every other month of the year. You may choose to fit more things in this month, but that’s OK. It’s your choice.

When you’re running a business you can choose how and when you work. How many hours you do and what you do in those hours. Sometimes we spend more time than is sensible procrastinating and not actually doing anything, and I often find that at busy times of the year we tend to procrastinate more!

Whatever you’re doing this week, or planning for the rest of the month, make sure you’re clear what’s important. That helps your mind to focus and you won’t be procrastinating as you’ll know what’s important to get done.

In the Business Cheerleading Club this month we’re focusing on planning. If your mind is distracted with festivities, it’s a good way of focusing on what’ll be important once the festive season is over. You’re welcome to join the Planning Workshop this week which I’m leading. Next week is our monthly Action Spotlight Group Coaching session, so another opportunity to get face to face support for your ideas, plans and issues. Oh, and my 291 page 13 week planner has just been published. It’s perfect for helping you stay focused on what’s important right now in your busy life. There’s still time to order it to get it in time for Christmas. You could give one as a gift to someone else who needs support in staying focused in their busy life.

Chance to win 3 months business support

If you’re not currently a member, I’ve opened a festive Giveaway for 2 people to join the club for 3 months, plus 2 x 20 minute one to one sessions. I know some people doing the Get your website working course have already entered to try and get some extra help with their websites!

Enter the giveaway to win 3 months All Stars membership & 2 x 20 minute 1-1

business cheerleading club testimonialIf you’re already a member, if you’re a winner, you’ll win a 3 month upgrade to your membership, so you’ll get even more focused support to get 2019 off to a fantastic start.

And if you’re still finding December all a bit too much, you may want to join this group one of our members is running. There’s some brilliant calming tips each day:Time for me – Christmas Present OR, learn from another member how to find ease

What are you excited about winning these next few weeks?


Be definite in your purpose to achieve success

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” W. Clement Stone

define your purpose to achieve successWe had a great weekend of throwing things out in our house. We had a clear purpose to what we wanted to achieve. As always with de-cluttering, we made a good start, but it shows how much more we’ve got to do!

We were able to do one trip to the tip, move a filing cabinet into a space we created, and move things around in another space to fit a new bike in for number 2 son who’s a bit of whizz on a bike.

December often seems a good time to clear out, before we get Christmas decorations out and create more clutter around the place. Do you take time to create space before the end of the year? Do you do it for your business too? Or do you put things in a box and say, “I’ll look at them next year”?

Whatever your intention is for December, whether it’s reviewing, planning, de-cluttering, or simply enjoying time with family and friends, it’s helpful to know what it is we want to achieve. It’s impossible to do everything we want, as there are only 24 hours in a day. But with purpose we can achieve the important things to us.

I’ve just written this post about Growing a Business in 2019, which may help you think things through if that’s where you’re at currently. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, or what you thought you’d have achieved in 2018. If your intention is to set up and/or grow a business, (new or existing) in 2019, then now is a good time to start putting your plans and systems in place.

I’ve got a lot of planning sessions in the Business Club this month, which you’re welcome to join us in if you’re not already a member:
Thursday 6th December 2-3pm: Get your Website Working course Q&A
Wednesday 12th December 8-9pm: Planning workshop
Wednesday 19th December 8-9.30pm: Group coaching where up to 5 members get the chance to take to the spotlight and work through an idea or issue with other members sharing their ideas.

I’ve also got 2 spaces available if you’re wanting intensive support for the next 6 months to get confident and grow your business. This programme is part of our pre-Christmas offers to help you manage your budget after the recent investments you may have made, whilst juggling December spending which can always be tricky. Make sure you book an Explore call with me first to check this is the right programme for you.

And if you find December all a bit too much, and struggle to find Time for Me, you may find some calming tips here in this group of one of our members: Time for me – Christmas Present

Giving gifts and giving thanks

“Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.” Anonymous
give without remembering is a true gift to others

It was madness in my inbox and all over my social media feeds. I felt overwhelmed and I personally switched off and simply deleted anything that looked like it was trying to sell me something! I wrote a couple of blog posts to help others, and did a short video to encourage others not to get caught up with things that weren’t right for them.How did you cope with your inbox on Friday? If you’re reading this then it looks like you survived! Let’s get on with looking forward shall we? Focus on what WE need, not what others are offering us which may not be right for us.

Our friends across the Atlantic gave thanks on Thursday, and I love that they have a special day for giving thanks. In the UK, with the reduction in church attendance, I believe we’ve lost that special autumn thanks we give at our traditional harvest time. I know harvest is not just for the religious, but we don’t seem to have replaced a religious tradition with anything else.

I think we’re getting better at giving to others. To those in our societies who need it most, but also within our communities. We’re starting to break down barriers to give more freely. That’s something we should all be thankful for isn’t it? It may not be purely about harvesting from the fields our farmers tend, but what each of us gives to others.

I was blessed with lots of love, support and kindness last week. My family were touched by 2 tragic deaths of young people. It hit us all hard.The messages I received were just what I needed to keep myself together and know that I was important to others. You may think that you don’t need to message someone, or share a smile with a stranger, but you’ll never know what that gift you give will do for that other person. It doesn’t cost anything. And it could make the difference to someone’s day. Even their mental well being. Knowing that you care.

As business owners, we have many gifts and talents to share with others. We care about our customers and the teams we work in. Do we always show them? Do we thank them for their support and encouragement for us and what we’re doing? I imagine, without your team of supporters you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing today.

So how can you show your thanks to those who’ve helped you? What gifts can you offer to others to show you care? It doesn’t have to cost you money, or product. A message. A special offer for your special customers will make them smile. Is there someone who’s helped you you’d like to share your recent success with? Do they know what encouragement you’ve given them? I’m sure they’d love to hear how they inspired you, or supported you.

We all need to receive as well as give. It’s part of what makes us human.

navigate bundle 2018My gift to you this week is the Navigate Bundle I’m involved with sharing, from 19 business owners, who all want you to succeed in your life and your business. The amazing £27 price for this bundle (not one product is less than £97 full price), is only available until Wednesday. So please don’t miss out on this fantastic gift from all of us.

It has a whole host of support, courses and even some year long memberships for your personal and business growth and development. My own contribution is my 10 week Get Your Website Working course (which I originally called “I’ve got a website, not what?”), usually £147. The course is on the new online learning platform the Focus Success Academy, which I’m pleased is almost ready for all courses and support to be launched on.

I’ve bought two of these as gifts for special people in my life, it’s such an excellent gift. Anyone in your life who’d benefit from this amazing gift?

Let me know if you buy it, and what product you’re going to use first. I can’t wait to dive into the Supercharge Marketing bootcamp & the Write a book course. Both perfect timing for me 🙂

Believe that you can

“Believe that you can and you’re half way there.” Theodore Roosevelt
believe you can and you're halfway there

Do you believe that? That if you believe you can you’re halfway there? I do. So many times I see people who are passionate about what they do, they’ve done lots of work to grow their idea and their business, but they don’t actually believe they’ll make money from their business. They have doubts. They aren’t sure they’ve done / are doing the right thing. They don’t believe that people will buy from them.If you don’t believe, why should others believe in you?

It’s hard. I know that. I’ve had plenty of times when I haven’t believed in myself. It’s actually quite draining and I found the focus became about me rather than my customers and “my thing”, which then compounded the fact I didn’t believe! Can you see?

When you truly believe you’re doing the right thing, for the right people, and you’ve done your research, you’ve created the right message for your ideal customer, will they believe in you too. You then find that you’re also enjoying yourself more! And we all want to love what we do and have fun in our life don’t we?

At the weekend, I went with my eldest to an event where I was shocked to learn that I hadn’t believed what my son was capable of. Yes, I know he’s talented. Other people have told me he has potential to be an Olympic athlete. I accepted it, but I learnt this weekend that I hadn’t actually believed it. It’s his dream too. This event made it very clear that British Athletics believe my son is one of a select group of 16 and 17 year olds who have shown potential to be our top athletes of the future. British Athletics are investing in this group, and giving them support, and encouragement, and their parents support and encouragement to achieve their potential. I now believe that my son can be an international champion from the bottom of my heart. It’s not going to be easy, the next 10 years or so as they reach their peak performance, but we’ll do all we can to support him to achieve his goal.

When others can see, and believe, in you, your ideas, your products and services, how does that make you feel? How do you respond? Do you truly believe in yourself then, or do you still have doubts?

I find that talking ideas through and saying things out loud to others not only helps you hear your own thoughts better, but others have the opportunity to encourage and support you. If you don’t share, how can others support and share your products and services with others?

Believe that you can with the support of others

I’m looking forward to the Action Learning Set today. The belief in their businesses  and ideas that the business owners I work with get when they work in this way has been a turning point for them this year. They’ve taken action from one session and grown their business. The belief of others helps you to believe in yourself.

With all this talk of belief, what do you truly believe you’re capable of? What’s your business capable of? What support do you need to help you achieve? Don’t just read this and then do nothing. Write down what you’d like to do. Reach out to your support team, or someone you’d like on your support team and get started. There’s nothing stopping you from growing yourself and/or your business. Only you. And I’d love for you to achieve.

But you have to believe in yourself first.

If you’d like your own group of Cheerleaders, join the Business Cheerleading Club, and have a whole team helping you believe in yourself and your ideas. It really does work – sharing, exploring with others, and working out your next steps.

How do you ensure you believe you can? Leave a comment and let others know.

You have to plant to be able to harvest your rewards

“Always do your best. What you plant now you will harvest later.” OG Mandino

always do your best My eldest son is 17 today. How did that happen so quickly? He’s growing up to be a lovely caring young man, who knows his own mind, and has his own goals for the future. When his seed was planted, little did we know the joy, excitement and challenges he would bring with him. With love and care, and attention, he’s learning that he can be who he wants to be.When you first started your business, did you think you’d achieve everything you have so far? With each idea you plant, can you picture the results flourishing in the future?

Sometimes over my years in business, I’ve planted ideas and never really known if they were good ideas or not. I hadn’t done any research into whether it was a good idea or not, and I certainly didn’t know how to nurture the idea into a fully fledged product or service. I “winged it” (yes, technical business term!) 😉 I’ve often wasted a lot of time, and sometimes money, on ideas that with a bit of research should have been binned quickly.

Even now, with more experience, I sometimes put things out into the market place to test things out. But I’m more careful with what I do and how I do it, so that this step becomes my research. We don’t always know if we want to add something to our business, or why an idea has popped into our head. We simply know we need to explore it further. Each idea you have may not become part of your business. And that’s OK. There’s no “right way” to grow your business, or share your passion with others. If you’re always doing your best, and loving what you’re doing, and keeping the end point in mind, then you’re on the right track.

Not only is it a family birthday today, but I’m celebrating the launch of my new website, Business Cheerleading Club. The home of resources, support and tips for business owners. It’s the place where I’ll share the courses and support for business owners I offer, including trainingworkshops and one to one support. Not only that, but I’ve just finished a 13 week Business Planner for business owners. Yes, it’s amazing what comes to fruition when you plant lots at any one time isn’t it! 😉

When I was creating the planner, I realised that ideas often get forgotten about. Or not researched properly. So, I’ve made sure that the planner allows you time to explore and research new ideas for growing yourself and your business. It’s an important part of your personal and business development to grow and develop new areas of work and interest.

You can only ever do your best in all aspects of your life and business. But remember that what you plant needs nurturing and loving, and that’s what will bring you the success you want.

If you’d like help deciding what “seeds” to plant, or how best to nurture them to grow your business, join other explorers in the Business Cheerleading Club.


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Know your destination before you start the journey

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Napoleon Hill

know your destination to plan successI’m just back from two weeks away with the family on a trip we’d planned together. Everything went to plan and we had a wonderful time exploring new places, countries, food and experiences. We’ve all come back renewed and refreshed with all sorts of exciting things coming up for each of us.When you’re planning a holiday, there’s a very definite deadline. For those of us with children at school and college, we have to work around school holidays, and there’s no flexibility in the dates. For my family we’re even more restricted with the boys athletics events during the year, so taking 2 weeks in the Autumn break was perfect for us, as we planned out our year at the start of 2018.

So we had the dates booked in the diary early on. We also knew where we wanted to go. What we didn’t know is how we’d achieve it, financially as well as logistically. How do you go about planning a holiday? Research? Sketch out some plans, then do some detailed research into costs? That’s how I do it.

We had a plan early on the year as to the major things we’d like to see on our trip, then I came up with some options as to how we could do it all, and the costs and timescales of each. Then we decided between us what was most important, and put those in place first, then everything else fitted in around it.

What if you were to think of your business planning like you do a holiday? Would that help you achieve what you want? I often find that business owners are scared by business planning, but it really is as simple as planning a holiday.

And yes, the first thing you need to decide is YOUR DESTINATION! You can’t plan how to get there if you don’t know where you’re going! So whether you’ve got a destination planned for the end of 2018, or longer term, that’s your starting point for your business planning.

The holiday has allowed me time to rest and reflect. It’s also given me some new ideas and I started writing a book for business owners. It’s very early stages, but if you’d like to hear more about this, as it’s going to be very focused on the journey of business, with resources for each stage to support you wherever you’re at right now, please sign up to this list here. I’ve given myself the deadline of middle of January to have it complete and published, but if I can get it done sooner I will. I know it will help you to have clearer resources to grow your business.

What’s your next destination that you’re trying to reach. Let me know whatever it is – is it your next holiday, or a business goal? I’d love to know.

If you’d like help exploring your destination options and/or working out a plan to achieve them, join other pathfinders in the Business Cheerleading Club. Or if you don’t want to commit monthly support, coaching and business skills training, I’d be happy to spend 20 minutes with you on a free Explore call. It’s amazing how much we can plan out in that time.

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Are you seriously doing everything to achieve what you want

“Its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but its harder to give up when you know its everything you want .” Unknown

achieve what you wantWhilst it may only be a few weeks until the end of 2018, you could spend time reflecting on what you haven’t achieved; what hasn’t gone quite to plan this year; feeling guilty about all the things you haven’t done.

How about reflecting on what’s been brilliant about this year? What opportunities have you taken that weren’t even in your head this time last year? What have been the unexpected successes? What’s surprised you about the year so far, or what skills you’ve uncovered in yourself or your family or a team member?

And don’t forget there’s still a few weeks to achieve some of those things you set yourself the target of achieving this year. Did you have a health or fitness goal at the start of the year that’s fallen a bit by the wayside? Start again this week, but maybe shift the focus slightly to help it fit better in your life so it’ll be an easier habit to stick at. Was there a book you wanted to read, or a show you wanted to see? Your life is not all about your work and business. Make sure you’re ticking things off your list from all areas of your life.

If you have given up on something that you really wanted, is it because you realised it wasn’t right for you? Or did ‘life’ happen to stop you from moving things forward? Why not spend a bit of time reflecting, and see if this ‘old goal’ is something you want to have on your new plan. Or has life moved on so much that your new goals are totally new experiences or a new direction for you?

Being unclear about your direction can often be the sticking point. You may feel like you’re going around in circles, and whilst you’re being busy, you’re not actually moving anything forward. If that feels like you right now, why not just stop. Take a step back, and spend time dreaming. Yes, just dreaming. Allow yourself to imagine what life will be like for you in a year’s time. It really doesn’t matter what’s gone on this year. But you can imagine what life will be like next year, and then take steps to get there. You can. I know you can.

If you’d have said to me that my family would have spent 2 weeks in Poland for our main holiday this October, even just a few months ago I’d have laughed. We’ve done it though. We’re currently having a wonderful time together exploring. It was on our dream list, and we put plans in place, and kept our focus on achieving it. And now we’re doing it. It felt a very long way off, but now we’re here. And it’s wonderful to know that we’ve created that for ourselves.

What are you going to create for yourself, and your family, and your business? I’d love to know. Let me know what your dreaming of.

It’s never too early to start planning your future. I’m excited by my dreams. Are you?

If you’d like help exploring your dreams and working out a plan to achieve them, join other dreamers in the Business Cheerleading Club. Or if you don’t want to commit monthly support, coaching and business skills training, I’d be happy to spend 20 minutes with you on a free Explore call. It’s amazing how much we can plan out in that time.

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You can only do one thing at a time. Enjoy it

“Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one after the other .” Walter Elliot

perseverance is doing one thing at a timeWhilst you feel you may be juggling and not focusing on any one thing, your business is still there, in the back of your mind. Maybe in the forefront of your mind. So what can you do?

Just like our quote this week, think of each thing you want to do this week as one small part of a journey. I prefer not to think of racing, as to me if we race around we don’t enjoy what we’re doing. I think we’re doing things to enjoy them, as well as for the end result we’re working towards. Do you agree?

I also often speak to clients about chunking work up. Like eating an elephant? You’ve probably heard that one – “How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time” 😉 So with the work and activities you’re wanting to achieve, you CAN’T do them all at the same time. You have to do things at separate times. And you often have to complete one thing before you can start another. Just like a Beetle Drive – you have to throw a six on your dice to get the beetle body before you can add on the head, and legs. Some things HAVE to be done first, so that others can follow.

So when a client says, “I’m stuck on social media. I don’t know where to start”, we spend time chunking it down – what social media do you use? how much time have you got? what are you wanting to achieve? And we come up with a plan for achieving their social media goal by creating small tasks, and often create a checklist for something like this.

Whilst spending 15 minutes every day on one social media channel may not feel like it’s bringing you results, you persevering with your time, and being present in front of your potential customers, will mean that you’re remembered by them when they’re ready to buy. And 15 minutes on tasks may be all you have, or need. Persevering is the important thing here.

If you need help chunking things down, and getting your plans clearer, you can get support in the Business Cheerleading Club, (where you’ll see you’re not alone in feeling like you’re dropping your juggling balls!), or if that’s not right for you, I’d be delighted to help with a free 20 minute Explore call. It’s amazing how much we can achieve in 20 focused minutes 🙂

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Are you working too hard for no reward

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly .” Proverb
are you on the right track with your businessYou’ve probably heard a lot about “pushing through the pain”, and “You’re almost there, if you just keep going.” That’s what happens with caterpillars isn’t it? Their next phase is become a butterfly. That’s nature, and part of our natural wonderful world.When we’re having a tough time, and people around us tell us to keep going, does it feel natural to you? It’s never done to me. I’ve often thought my world is ending when I’m working long hours and see no reward. When I look back at some of these times, (yes, there’s been a few!), I realise that it didn’t feel natural because it wasn’t natural for me to be doing “that thing” I was doing.

Now I don’t mind hard work, and I’ll always ensure I do the work for clients before I work for myself. But if something isn’t feeling right, it’s probably not. We don’t all have the same skills, and we often have to learn lots of things to run and grow successful businesses. Some of the things we don’t find easy or that we enjoy are the best areas of work to pass on to someone else to do. But you still have to manage those people doing the work for you.

I had this last week, when whilst trying to get the new website live, something came up that meant I had to take a breath. I had been pushing my web development team to get everything complete, but something wasn’t going quite right. On Thursday, we worked it out. We need TWO websites, not one, to do everything I want, to support business owners to get the support to grow their business, learn new skills and get business coaching when they need it. Yep! Pretty major that one!

So, we’re now getting one finished, (fingers crossed for this week), which will be the hub of free support, resources and business expert interviews at The other one will take a bit longer. Whilst this is all happening, you can join the merry band of business owners who are brilliant at helping one another, asking for help when they need it, about all things business, for the reduced price of £24 a month. There’s a group coaching session Tuesday 8-9.30pm BST which you’re very welcome to join as a member. AND there’s our monthly business expert workshop too this week. Laura Donnelly will be helping us to learn some tips to De-stress quickly, whatever your situation. So this week is a great week to join!

Are you working too hard for no reward and getting more and more frustrated?

So if you’re feeling like your world is ending, take some time to reflect if this is because it’s just pretty hard work right now, and you know that once you’ve done the work, beautiful things will happen. Or, is it because what you’re trying to do isn’t a natural fit for you or your business. Are you trying to take a path that’s just not right for you right now?

It can be hard to work things out for yourself, so if you’d like to book a free 20 minute Explore call, that may be all you need just to get back to knowing that you’re on the right track, or that you need to change direction by a degree or two.

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Are you so busy you’re not seeing what’s obvious

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Anonymous

spend time thinking in your businessSometimes we’re so busy doing things, we can’t see what’s in front of our nose. Just like when we’re rushing to get out of the door and you’ve forgotten to pick something up, and then you can’t find it. Someone else comes in and asks what you’re looking for, and they spot it straight away – it’s where you’re standing but you were trying too hard and you just “couldn’t see it for looking”.Whilst you may be very focused to get things done, achieved, and actioned to hit your targets for the end of the year, it’s still worth spending some quiet time each day to allow your brain some space to work things out for itself. The commitment the Kick Start Challengers had in September to 20 minutes a day focused on their business gave them great clarity and helped them plan the next few weeks of their business growth.

One of my clients is following the Artists Way programme at the moment. Even after a few days of spending a few minutes each day letting her mind wander, and her hands explore, she’s finding her mind clearer, and more able to work out the priorities in her business.

Another client who completed the Find your Why session last week has been set a task to simply let her imagination wander this week. We’ve agreed the topic for this, and just the act of letting your mind imagine and wander around different options and opportunities is liberating. Sometimes you’ll find there’s nothing you can do about a situation.

Whatever works for you is the right thing to do. If you’d like daily prompts for journaling or imagining, let me know, I’m thinking of setting this up, as I know how much that regular support and reminder to take time for you can help. You could be my first tester to see how it helps you. Say £10 a month for a daily email prompt? Would that help you? Contact me as it’s not set up yet & we can start tomorrow if you like?

Don’t forget to allow yourself down time during your week too. You may feel like you’ve got so much to do you can’t possibly stop and take the dog for a walk, or read a book, or have a bath. But once you’ve spent that time, just being you, you’ll realise that you’ve got more energy and excitement to put into getting those things done. I often find I do them better to, or add in an extra twist which is even more beneficial to my clients!

If you’d like help scheduling your week and month to fit everything in you want to do, including “me time”, feel free to book a free Explore call with me.

How do you let your mind wander and explore options and opportunities? Let me know in the comments below.

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