Are you really being yourself?

Are you really being yourself?

“Musicians must make music, artists must paint, poets must write if they are ultimately to be at peace with themselves. What humans can be, they must be” Abraham Maslow

being yourself

Musicians must make music. Being yourself is the kindest gift you can give to you

Just like the bulbs know what they must do, and push through the soil to reach the air and sun, (and rain), so we must be who we are. If you ever find yourself fighting against an urge to do something, how does it feel? It’s often harder to not do something that to just “go with the flow” and do it isn’t it?

I believe that’s where we must keep listening to ourselves and being ourselves. In business as well as in life.

When my eldest son wasn’t able to train as usual due to an injury he wasn’t ‘himself’. He knew he was healing, but he couldn’t settle to anything. He wasn’t being his true self.

Just like dogs and children need to run around and have fun daily (well, at least twice a day), and if they don’t they’re grumpy, or over excited. They have to do the things that are natural to them otherwise they aren’t themselves and can become vicious (over playful), in the case of dogs, or go on a rampage if it’s a toddler!

Being yourself. It’s what you were made to do

You may know that if you don’t do something you’re not yourself. A friend recently admitted that she’d stopped running as she couldn’t fit it in to her busy life, but it was detrimental to her health. She wasn’t happy. I know that if I don’t go for a walk in the fresh air each day I don’t function at my best. Sometimes my family virtually kick me out the door as I’m snappy with them when I haven’t had my time outside.

I’ll always remember my brother’s story. He went to University to do Classics, but within the first term had changed to his first love, Music. Music runs through his veins and he couldn’t NOT do it. Music is his life.

Whilst we can often see how people’s loves and deep desires come out to play and are truly them if they are musical, sporty, or artistic, it’s not always totally clear to you if you’ve hidden your true talents away. You may have been told as a child that your “speciality” wouldn’t ever earn you an income. Or you “weren’t good enough” to do something professionally, as there’s “only a few” professional tennis players who “make it”, for example.

But what if you were to start focusing on your deep desires again. Your true talent. Whatever it is – helping others, caring for others, creating solutions for people, illustrating other people’s books, editing others words so that we can learn from them. If you’re not being you, not only are you likely to be unhappy, but the skills and talents you’ve been given will be hiding away.

I believe that all our collective skills and talents are needed in each community. Not only does your family need you, but there’s others around you who need your talents to help them in their life too.

Understand yourself

If you’re not sure what you should be ‘doing’ or ‘being’, the Find your Why session will help you re-connect with your personal themes and help you re-capture some of your talents which you may have hidden away.

Be like the daffodils and push through the soil to do the things you were born to do. Lift your face to the sun and enjoy being you 🙂

“This session is really worth your time for both your business and personal life. In fact what TJ will get to, is what your personal strengths and traits are and how these can be incorporated into a successful business. TJ is an excellent listener, and this is essential to this session. You need to be prepared to ‘go deep,’ tell the stories you really want to tell and watch TJ bring out the main themes and characteristics to help you bring your core values into your work life.
If you feel like you want your business to be a reflection of you, I would advise you invest in the time with TJ and watch how things develop. We have lots of future plans now and I can’t wait to see how these unfold. Finding your ‘why’ with TJ will help motivate and inspire you.”
Angie Webb

I’d love to hear your story of being yourself. Please do let me know if or how this resonates with you by leaving a comment below. If you’d like to explore ways to explore you more, get in touch.

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  1. Tracey-Jane a poignant post. After a few weeks literally, when I have been out of action, I have been revisiting many things; including reading old journals. And there are now a few things on my plans that I am starting to action which I have wanted to do for years but have not found the courage or the confidence! I have started to reveal these slowly and the more I do the easier everything in my life is now becoming. Why are we so conditioned out of what comes easily to us? It’s so bonkers!

  2. When I don’t go jogging for a few days my hubby encourages me to go too. When I get back I’m the real me again. Your blog resonated with me as I too need to focus on staying in my inner balance to be able to stay strong and kind for others – as a coach, trainer or even as a wife and a mother. It’s an act of kindness to myself, but it’s also my responsibility. A famous Slovenian author said It’s not your right to be happy, it’s your duty.

  3. Ha! I can’t answer that Carrie. All I know is that when we are being totally us and not hiding any part of us, that we do our best work, and help the most people.

    I’m delighted to hear you’re making progress and look forward to seeing more of YOU and hearing your plans 🙂

  4. It’s great your husband is aware enough to encourage you to do things you’re not doing yourself. What a gift that is.

    It’s so easy when we’re busy with everything in our life, to lose our inner balance Simona. And I love that quote. Thank you for sharing. The word duty sounds daunting to me, so I’m going to stick with your word kindness. I like that. Thank you.


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