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Those of you who’ve been paying attention will know that I not only had a stand at the NEC Baby Show this weekend, but I was also being shadowed as part of my LEAD business course. It was certainly a challenging weekend, yet very rewarding.

I reckon over the weekend I did 150 bra fittings. A lot of women didn’t buy from me as they just wanted ‘to get measured’. What I still can’t seem to communicate to these ladies is that a measure, or fitting one bra on them is only a guide. All bras fit differently, so you’re likely to need different sizes in different bras. But, I’m happy to offer this service as my mission is to ensure every woman knows what a comfy bra feels like during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Cake Nursing Cami, pants & Robe

I was delighted with the feedback on how the stand looked – helped in part with the fabulous new Cake Lingerie & Nightwear that we launched at the show. It was lovely to meet some old friends, including @Cheshire_Claire @Mamascarf @CheekyWipes; meet people I’ve met online including (and don’t shout if I’ve missed you out – I met so many people!) @MumsClub @petweetpoppet @GlowStars and @SnoozeShade, and almost met @BumblingTweets.

I felt there were less people at the show this year, but I really don’t blame them – the fantastic weather was ideal for being outside. It did mean that those inside the show got more time with exhibitors – I know I spent more time with customers at quieter periods over the 3 days.

And what about my shadow? Well, John from Jam Publications was a star and spent about 4 hours at the show looking at how I work with my small team, how we all interact, what information we give out, our products, our competitors and generally what we do and how we could do things better. He was discrete and just watched and listened to all that was going on in and around our stand, and kept wandering around the show to see how we fitted in with everything else on offer.

His feedback today has been very positive. He’s given me loads of ideas and suggestions. But the best thing is he’s impartial. He has no involvement with my business. He’s not a friend, family member or even customer. He’s looked at my stand, and a snapshot of my business and given me constructive feedback. I’m not sure I’d have been able to have taken some of the frank speaking from anyone else!

Now all I have to do is start putting things into action. If you’re still paying attention, please let me know what are the 3 things that you value most about bras4mums and the service we offer. And if you’re willing, what can we do better? Not just at exhibitions, like the Baby Show, but with our website, home fittings, agents and affiliate schemes?

We can’t improve, or get more hugs and smiles from more customers without your feedback. I look forward to hearing about your Baby Show experiences, and your comments about bras4mums service and products.


  1. I thought that the stand looked great, the only thing that I can think of is perhaps a banner Hot Milk on it, so at a glance people know what you are stocking. Fitting was v professional and quick.

    I don’t know whether you already do this but you/your agents could go out to NCT groups, post natal groups, pregnancy yoga groups etc for measuring and to sell bras. Hope this helps!
    Keira x

  2. Thanks Keira. We do try and go to breastfeeding groups, NCT (where there isn’t a local bra fitter), and antenatal groups to do bra fittings. This is where the agents will build there local networks to ensure women have access to specialist bra fitting advice and wide range of sizes and styles. If you know anyone who’d like to become an agent, get them to get in touch.

  3. Great to see you again at the show, glad it was so successful for you. x
    P.s. My blog has changed from “Claire Lancaster/Dandelion Lounge” to Cheshire Mum, I am about to take “Claire Lancaster/Dandelion Lounge” down. x

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