Awards – Are they worth it?

I’ve been shortlisted for Business Parent of the Year in the Mum and Working Awards this week. I’m SO EXCITED!

I've been shortlisted for this award!

It’s the first ever award that I’ve been recognised in, (no idea how many I’ve entered in though). I first heard about it from a tweet congratulating me on making the shortlist. I was supposed to be cleaning at the time, and was checking online for something else. Needless to say I got sidetracked! I grinned from ear to ear, (still am, truth be known!), checked up what it was all about and checked out my ‘competition’. I was even more chuffed knowing that some of the other names on the list are holders of numerous awards.

To me, this award nomination is a public recognition of the work I’ve done in setting up bras4mums whilst being a Mum of 2 small boys. It recognises the challenges that life throws at us as people and Business Parents. It’s a pat on the back that I’m ‘doing a good job’ within the business as well as growing and developing it in the same way I support my children’s development. It makes all the hard work, sleepless nights and worry worthwhile to know that someone out there, and now a few more people ‘out there’ know about bras4mums, and what I’m trying to achieve with my vision.

The newest part of business development is the recruitment and training of bra fitting agents who are women wanting to offer a home bra fitting service in their area. Some of these are women with families are wanting to do something worthwhile and earn some money. Others see it as a great opportunity to work the hours they want doing an unusual but very rewarding job, fitting it around their family. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to this opportunity, and are looking forward to working with women across the UK to develop their own businesses with bras4mums.

So, others may not see this award as meaning much. But I don’t see it that way at all. It’s raised my self-esteem when motivation has been flagging with the last six months website problems, (will write about it soon – too raw still at the moment!). My husband has felt rewarded that others outside our friendship and family circle recognise the work and importance of bras4mums as a business and my role within its development. We’re excited about hearing if I’ll reach the next round and get to have a night in a hotel without the children sleeping on the floor. I’m sure it’ll be a business expense – won’t it?.

Yes, all this excitement and buzz from customers, followers, fans and potential customers plus how it’s making me feel – this award nomination is really worth it. Thank you judges :~)


  1. I’m not surprised that you’ve been shortlisted. You are working so hard and making such a difference to women’s bodies and their self esteem and confidence – all from helping them with getting a well fitting bra!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Cambridgeshire Baby and Toddler Show on 10 October ( and having a fitting with you. Your sensitivity and tact with women when they are pregnant/feeding/post feeding is inspiring as that’s when we’re at our most vulnerable and I’m so pleased that someone who is making such a positive contribution is being recognised like this.

    Please tell us that if you get to the awards, you and Mr Bras4Mums will be having a night away sans children, lovely as they are, which it sounds like you really deserve!! 🙂

  2. ” this award nomination is a public recognition of the work I’ve done in setting up bras4mums whilst being a Mum of 2 small boys”

    That’s exactly it – well done Missus x

  3. Well done T-J. I love being one of your agents – you are so supportive (of me) and so passionate about the work that you do. You deserve to win.

  4. Thank you all. It’s lovely to have people’s feedback in such a public way. Means a lot to me. I’m looking forward to training 2 more agents next week and spreading the ‘bra love’ wider! 🙂

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