Are you listening to your business?

” Change is part of our existence. How you respond to change is what creates the impact. ”
Tracey-Jane Hughes

are you listening to your business and yourself

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How often and how clearly, do you listen to yourself? Do you always take notice? For instance, if you’re body is tired, do you go to bed earlier that night? If you need a break from work, do you get up, stretch and grab a glass of water? These are simple things that we need to respond to to change our state, how we’re feeling, and create an impact on our body.

What about your work life? If you run your own business, do you notice what’s going on in your business and in your industry? Are you listening to your customers – whether it’s feedback or lower sales? Do you investigate each aspect of your business regularly?

In the 15 years I’ve been in business there’s been massive change in technology, buying habits, the shape of the high street, media coverage. And of course, social media has changed how news and ideas travel, and what people see regularly. We may not like the changes that happen in our society, but they affect the environment in which we live and work, so at the very least we need to notice them. And ideally, notice what effect those changes are having on our own life and business.

Are you listening to your business as well as yourself?

If you don’t spend time noticing and listening to yourself or your business, you won’t make changes. Maybe there’s some tweaks you can make to your product or service, or exercise plan or nutrition that will make an impact on the results you want to achieve.

I’ve noticed that some business owners I work with are frightened of change. In fact, I was the same at one time, so I do understand. When you’ve got a plan, you feel you need to complete the plan otherwise you’ve failed. None of us like to fail do we? How about you think about making changes to the plan in response to what you’re hearing and noticing? What if you listened to yourself and realised that you don’t actually like doing that part of the work you do. Could someone else do it instead and benefit the growth of each individual and the business? As humans we’re very good at hiding things deep inside. We put things in a box and hide it in another box, and often throw away the key thinking we’ll be safe now. But you haven’t changed anything have you? You’ve just hidden something hoping it will go away.

These past few months for me have been about change. It’s been brought about from completing my book, “Passion is not Enough – Explore your passion and grow your business or social enterprise“, which is available this week. I’ve listened even harder and changed the shape of my businesses, and my focus, to do what I really want to do – Inspire others to listen to themselves to take the action to move forward so that they can inspire others.

I won’t lie, it was hard at first, as I had all these plans for the year ahead. I felt I was letting people down by not completing them. But then I realised I’d be letting myself down if I didn’t listen to myself, and letting others down if I stuck with things which weren’t quite right for me. It’s not easy. But I can say now, in launch week that it’s totally worth it.

So my focus has shifted slightly, and I’m delighted to be offering a series of short workshops and Q&A to help people turn Passion into Profit. If you’d like access to these, or join a session live, please join us here (you need to confirm you want this information sending to you). By the end of the two weeks there’ll be 8 short workshops, plus Q&A with attendees on different topics relating to growing your business. There’s a conversation channel too for continuing to learn together, and support you to listen and explore any changes that you want to try in your life and business.

Book launch 17th May 2019

I invite you to my online book launch on 17th May, 1pm. I’ll be holding this on Facebook, and I’d love to celebrate this day with you. You can pre-order the book here, and I’d be delighted to send you a copy from the office, for yourself or a friend who’s currently exploring setting up a business or social enterprise. The feedback from a wide variety of readers has been that it’s helped individuals explore all sorts of aspects of their life and work.

Wherever you are on your journey, on your plan for the year, or your life plan, I encourage you to take time to listen. Really listen to yourself and notice what you’d like to change. The 90 day Passion into Profit programme (which will be slightly longer than that due to a short trip to Africa for me – more of that another time), is a small group programme to help you to do just that – listen more, and maybe listen differently to yourself and your business. We’re starting 3rd June. If you’d like to know more, message me and we’ll book a call to see if this is right for you. (Still got some technology fixes to do, like my online diary!)

“It’s really good to feel guided and supported and Tracey-Jane seems to have a limitless supply of encouragement” Lora

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