Add more colour to your day

” If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.” Dolly Parton
more colour brings more joy in your lifeRainbows and colour and light are something I think we take for granted. I could be wrong, but I know that I’ve had periods of my life when I’ve felt I “had” to use a certain colour pen when I was writing. I used to be a turquoise ink girl as a teenager. Why did I stop using colour when I started work?

I’ve no idea. I guess there’s something about feeling that we “should” conform to what others are doing. Doesn’t that mean we lose ourself the more we do the same as others? I know that when I bought myself some coloured pens a few years ago and started choosing which colour I’d use for that meeting, or some notes, I started to feel happier. I found it strange at the time, but as it was true, I’ve kept my colourful pens, in my colourful pencil case. I realised that no-one was judging me for what colour pen I chose to write in. I could make that choice.

I was reminded about conforming when I was with a 1-1 client on Friday. A super intelligent lady who’s had some life challenges, and is so focused on other people and doing what others want her to do, she feels like she’s lost herself. She knows she needs to change something, but doesn’t know what. We’re still exploring this. However, something came out of our session which made her face and eyes light up like the bright moon we’re just experiencing. She realised that she could choose what she did with her time. If she wanted to read she could. If she wanted to write she could. If she wanted to go for a walk she could. Whilst she’s still caring for others in her life, she does have time in which she can choose to do things which make her happy. Her action which she committed to, was to explore in 10 minutes a day what she wanted to do more of. What brought colour back into her life. I’m looking forward to hearing what she discovers this week.

There’s more synchronicity today too. I’m following Dale Darley’s 101 days of me journaling challenge. Spending 10 minutes each day exploring a prompt Dale sends by writing what comes into my head. Yesterday it was this quote. And what was I reading yesterday? The first chapter of a book called, “Joyful” by Ingrid Fetell Lee, which is all about the energy of colour and light. It’s making me smile just thinking about it!

So at the start of a new week, as you set your intention for the week ahead, what colour and light can you add to bring you more joy this week? What can you remember that you used to do because you had no fear of what others would say that would bring you joy? You may think I’ve gone totally bonkers talking about joy when you’re running your own business and juggling a 101 things this week as well. What if you could do all those 101 things with a bigger smile on your face? How would that make you feel?

I love to smile at other people when walking down the street. I don’t always get a smile back, but that’s not important. What’s important for me, is that I’m sharing my smile with others, hoping that others can remember that they can find something to smile about too. One of my clients told me she’s bought a yellow coat because it made her smile. It matches her yellow car and her sunny positive disposition. She wasn’t always so positive, but the difference adding colour back into her life has made is incredible.

I’d love to hear your colour stories, and what brings you joy at the moment. Is there one thing you can change this week to make you smile more? Please do let me know. Leave a comment below.

If you need help exploring what’s important to you, please book a free 20 minute explore session. Or, if you know you’re ready to dive deeper, you may be ready for the 3 hour Find your Why session, which is what has sparked both of my client’s to search for more joy in their lives.


  1. I am loving that Ingrid’s Joyful book is helping others find new ways or rediscover old ways of bringing joy into your life

  2. It’s fabulous Sherry, and I’ve only just finished the first chapter! 😉 Excited to see where I get taken next. Thank you 🙂

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