Tracey-Jane Hughes

I have to be honest, business was completely out of my comfort zone, and if it’s wasn’t for T-J, I’d have had absolutely no idea of how to move forward with my business plans. She has put me in touch with relevant people and support groups, but more importantly, T-J nurtures every aspect, not just in a business sense, but as a person too.

Sarah Stewart

Designer, Sarah Stewart Couture

Supporting others is what I do best. It makes me happy, seeing you happy.


  • Helping others to Manage Those Things that are a bit tricky, or confusing, or time consuming, or just plain boring, is my favourite thing.

    From initial business start up idea, to website development, creating databases, or marketing, nothing is too much trouble for me to help you get where you want to be. I’ve started things from scratch and learnt lots along the way.

  • Helping you and your business Stay Fit and Healthy are important to me.

    I’ve been unhealthy, and had very unhealthy businesses, and I’ve turned my life around. If I can do it, you can too, and I’d love to walk beside you as you grow and develop, and get fitter and healthier. You’ll smile more too 🙂

  • If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing ‘your thing’.

    I’ve been here too. Making decisions, sometimes really hard ones, can change your life for the better and put the joy back in your life. A little focused coaching can make all the difference in discovering the right path for you for your next steps.

Tracey-Jane has always enjoyed being busy and having varied work to do, even before having a family. Putting her skills to good use in the charity sector and through volunteering has always been a part of T-J’s life. T-J encourages others to do what they love, whilst supporting their community by sharing their talents, which in turn helps them develop as individuals and their careers or businesses.

T-J managed the business challenges of a complex voluntary sector partnership, then went on to support us during a 5 month period of organisational growth and development. T-J was a huge asset to the team and provided valuable expertise and insight which helped us manage the transition and growth as a Business. I would recommend T-J and her skills and expertise to others.

Adrian Leather

Chief Executive, Lancashire Sport

I never dreamt of being an entrepreneur. Even when I did my Business Studies degree, it was more out of interest and to give me broad skills, than looking to the future. [N.B. Doing a Business Studies degree doesn’t prepare you for running your own business! Life does 🙂 ]

I’ve always loved doing a variety of things. Some people call it juggling. Others would call it a full life. And some of my friends just call me mad! Now when I look back on my life so far, I realise that the jobs I’ve loved have all had variety in them. I’ve ‘topped up’ my work time with volunteering, so I’ve always worked a number of ‘jobs’ at once.

All my work and life experiences have brought me to today, and supporting others to develop themselves and their businesses. I wish I’d had someone to hold my hand whilst I’ve sat on the rollercoaster. Hey ho, I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about helping others now.

Finding I was in love with my future husband, made me realise I wanted to use my skills for the benefit of others, and not just shareholders. I was so fortunate to get the fantastic opportunity of being Project Director for a forward thinking City Parish which allowed me to use my range of talents in developing two town centre churches for community use. As the only employee, working with volunteers, the role was challenging and exciting and we created so much change in a short space of time.

After this role ended, I had the wonderful job of managing a large staff team who ran The Prince’s Trust Team Programme (12 week personal development course) across Lancashire. It was amazing to see the transformations  young people 16-25 made in their time with us. This led me to start pursuing more development roles, and developing ideas and projects within the Trust, and as a volunteer myself in other projects. I loved it, and I guess my need for variety and connecting people, ideas, funding and projects together grew and grew.

I developed and managed several new projects within The Trust, including a groundbreaking multi-agency mentoring project for Young Offenders. Whilst personally, I was helping set up a Child Contact Centre as a volunteer, developing intial and ongoing training for volunteers and setting the charity up with a team of amazing volunteers.

It’s been fun, and everything has helped me develop my skills for the next step in my life.

My first business just happened. I had a toddler and a new baby, and needed nursing bras. How on earth do you go to a shop to get a bra fitting with these 2 little people in tow? An idea was born, and I took action, and started bras4mums 2 months later 🙂

Then the real roller coaster started! Finance, business plans, marketing, networking, stock control. Then came websites (they didn’t really exist when I first started in 2004, so I was one of the first to learn about marketing online – it’s changed a lot since those early days!), online marketing, employing staff, retail shows, and all the joys of moving out of home into a paid for space for the business. Exciting!

Yes, exciting, but then life happens too doesn’t it? After exponential growth of the business, our sales halved overnight in the credit crunch of 2008. Mmm. Yes, take a big gulp, and say, “oh dear”. A massive down. Everything that had worked previously (and it had been relatively easy to grow this business), now didn’t work.

So, I started learning new things, about myself and my business. I developed the Bra Lady network and started helping other women to run their own businesses, and I loved that. Supporting others to do something they love – what isn’t there to enjoy about that?

As time went on, and I learnt a lot about websites, the legal system (yes, the two are linked, ask me if you’re really interested & have 2 hours to listen to the story), and I had to lay off staff, I became unhappy. Unhappy in life and in my businesses. What had brought me joy were now a bind. I no longer wanted to go to work each day, and when you’re running a business and you’re the boss, that’s not great is it?

I’ll admit it took me a while to realise what was wrong, but then once I made a decision to move on, a weight was lifted, and it literally changed my life. I sold bras4mums, my first love, so I could focus on the business I loved – supporting others to grow themselves and their businesses.

Tracey-Jane Hughes and family

Team Hughes

And so my most recent business journey has grown and developed from there – focusing on the things I love. I’m supporting so many more people (men and women) to do the things they want to do, and create businesses around their families and lifestyles. It’s wonderful and I’m so lucky to be able to do this. It hasn’t been easy though, and it’s because of the lessons I’ve learnt that the people I work with are able to use the skills and knowledge I’ve learnt in their own lives and businesses.

I’m also privileged to watch my two boys grow into wonderful young men. They have talents and goals too (one has Olympic games ambitions), so I understand sacrifice in a lot of ways. I guess juggling is one of the many skills I can add to my CV!

My ecletic mix of life and business gives me the opportunity of supporting so many people now. Let’s have a chat and see if I’m the right person to support you to achieve your next steps?